Saturday, October 9, 2010


I am in one of those moods where you aren't really sure how you feel. I have had quite the morning already.  I must confess I got home a little bit late last night around 2 in the morning, so waking up this morning was not the funnest thing.  Yet I don't mind that I stayed out that late, because I got into a very good conversation about religion, politics, and life in general with a really good friend. I always feel like I learn so much when ever we get into conversations and he helps me to see things in a whole new perspective, but he isn't super controlling in trying to make me agree with everything he says. Don't worry I don't agree with everything he says and then I get all spiritual and just say I am not sure why I believe this but I do, because I have a testimony! I realize more and more everyday how my religion is the bases of everything I do and I am so grateful.  Being LDS and having faith that there is a God has helped me strive to become better and do a little better every single day.  I can't explain how I know and according to some philosophers who say do we really know anything, but can say with a firm knowledge that I know without a doubt there is a God who loves me. I don't comprehend everything and so glad I am not required to, but I do comprehend that there is a lot more out there and there is something better for me after this life.  This might be the greatest knowledge that I have and helps me to put a smile on my face every day. Well now I shall tell you about my day it kind of makes me laugh to think back on it.  I find joy in the oddest things. So as we learned above I woke up, but I didn't just wake up, I woke up to my nephew playing some sort of game very loudly above my bedroom.  Then I went upstairs and held my other nephew for a little while until he started crying. Then I altered a coat that I've had for a bit, but just haven't always felt super great in it.  It was my daring move to alter it and try and fix it.  I am not a very good sewer, so I was very nervous I was going to ruin it instead of make it better.  Well then after a bit I got in some grungy clothes to go help the parents clean out the garage.  I was scared the whole time that whatever I touched a mouse was just going to pop up. This is why I laugh at my day one minute I am sewing the next I am doing the dirty work cleaning the garage. Welcome to my life!