Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back!

I haven't posted for awhile because
1.  It's been Thanksgiving break and I've been having a jolly good time with the family and friends!  I've been staying up way past my bedtime, so who wants to blog at 1:00 in the morning.
2.  I've been wearing pajamas and sweats like every day.  Even on Thanksgiving, I think I've found that this should be a new family tradition.
3.  Even if I did get ready it would all be in vain, because I've been playing outside in the snow basically every day and getting all gross and snowplaying like.  If you are from anyplace with snow you'll understand this.

Today though I went down to Preston to visit family.  I also received my long awaited Uggs yesterday.  I thought since it was such a special occasion I would get all spruced up.
 Here are the great Uggs, they are so warm!
 I've had this obsession with hats lately.  Here is one of the many hats I own.  I am also quite proud of it, because I made it.  If you haven't noticed I love making things!

I might wear these boots every day for the next 5 months just so you all know.  I don't think it will even matter if it matches, I am just excited that they will keep my feet warm.  

The next few pictures are just of the day and my favorite people in the world my family!  I love them a lot!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple Joys

This weekend has been filled with many simple joys and I have a lot to be grateful for.  I'll obviously post my outfits for the weekend, and my item of choice for the day. I also will post what has made the weekend so great.

Friday, I had to two items my plaid shirt and my rust colored moccasins.  

 Here was the final result: 

 Yet there were two things that made Friday even better.  One talking with a friend in my science class about philosophy and God.  I've had a lot to think about this weekend, and still am thinking.  Yet it's good to have questions and to ponder stuff, I believe.  Second was having a sleep over with my best friend and cousin Kristen Jensen.  Yep we so had a girls night and slept on mattresses out in her living room!

Oh I also made those PJ's the best part is the buttons on the top, but sadly you can't see them in this picture.

Saturday, I had one item for my outfit and one because it was cold. I realized I've been wearing like the same jeans almost everyday, so I broke out a pair I haven't worn for awhile and I really liked them.

 I also made this scarf and it's super warm, so I thought it would be good to bring it out, since it snowed like crazy on Saturday.
Don't ask me what Ty is doing.  Every day though he ask if I will put a picture of him in my blog, so here is the picture for all the world to see.  Isn't he so studley, yep that my bro!
 I also like my hair for the evening.
Yet the best parts of the day are one I got my communications portfolio all done, yay! Second I went shopping with my mom and Alisa. Here is the shocking part I didn't even buy anything. My mom did get me something for Christmas, but it's a secret! I also went on a date that night and won almost every game we played.  Not that I am competitive or anything, but I am, I like winning!

Sunday, I had two items as well.  I've been loving the complimentary colors of blue and orange lately.  

Here are some of the best parts of Sunday though. One look at the beautiful snow.  I've got a lot to be grateful!
Two listening to my sister speak in church.  I admire her so much and look up to her.  I think she is so talented and has so many attributes that I would love to emulate.  She spoke on the theology of the family and I just want to say I know that the family is central to God's plan and I am so grateful for mine. One of the best talks on this subject is Sister Beck's "The Doctrine of the Family".  I suggest everyone go are read it, it's very enlightening and helps bring out the true doctrine of why families are so important.
Going only with my family, getting to chill with the men in my life!  And recognize how blessed I am to be so close with them to call each of them my friends.  

 Ty, Brady, and I played in the snow and went exploring out in the trees and rocks.  We got to reminisce about old times and make a fun memory today as well.

I know it's a long post, but a lot sure did happen this weekend and I had to tell all!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

7:00 a.m. not my ideal time!

I have a 7:00 a.m. class on Thursday and lets just say I NEVER want to wake up for it!  This morning was no exception, I thought I was so on top of it though because I had picked out my outfit the night before.  Sadly though I was almost about to leave the house when I remembered that I had a presentation and I needed to wear a dress.  I dashed downstairs thinking along the way what can be my item for the day!  Well luckily a few days before I had put together a great outfit using the brown dress I got from the DI and a blue dress I haven't worn in awhile.  I pulled that on and ran out the door, here was the item of choice:

These are some of the best parts of the dress.  The eyelet on the bottom and the buttons!  The eyelet on the bottom is actually what inspired me to use it as a layer with another dress.  Here was the final result: 

I know the boots are back. I thought it was a fun way to get a fuller dress and then use the belt to slim down the waist.  It's pretty simple, but yet different as well.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pumpkin Day

I have this new goal and challenge I shall be featuring on my blog. If anybody reads my blog I believe you should join me, and if you do let me know how it goes.  Here is my goal I am going to pick an item every single day from my closet that I basically never wear.  I am going to use that item and come up with an outfit for the day.  I want to get the most out of my wardrobe and plus it gives me incentive to not buy anything new for a very long time.  I started with my goal today, the item I choose was this bright orange sweater:
I think it's a super cute sweater, but I've struggled knowing what to wear it with since it's so bright.  Today I took on the challenge and was quite pleased with the turn out.  If I am going to use something bright I tend to pair it with more neutral colors, so the outfit isn't to overwhelming. Unless I am a mood to stand out, but that usually isn't everyday.  I didn't want to pair it with brown, black, tan, or white.  I choose gray instead with accessories  of black and white.  Here was the final result:
 I used my baggy gray shirt that is super comfy, and so I wanted a touch of femininity with it so I decided to use a ribbon and attach a flower on it for a belt.  It also helped give the shirt more shape instead of just a tent. It was super easy to make the belt as well and something fun and different.  I just took an old hair ribbon I had that was pretty long.  I then attached it to a old flower I use to put in my hair with bobby pins and then I let one end of the ribbon hang down.  Really simple!

I was also getting sick of my boots, so I broke out the converse.  Yep they made the outfit just so much better. If you ever want to make an outfit just that one touch better try a spunky shoe with it that you usually wouldn't try.
If anyone reads my blog, what do you think?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love prints and believe that they add a lot to an outfit.  I have a tendency to always go for neutral colors when I shop, but I've been trying to stray from that tendency and get some fun bold items that can even be versatile.  I know the reason why I don't get bold prints or colors is because I worry that I will only be able to use it for one outfit and only every once in awhile.  I am learning though that this is not true, if you find that one great item with the great fabric just get it.  The fun then comes with trying to find as many ways as you can use it.  Here is one of those great prints I found and I've had lots of fun using it in different ways.  Especially with trying different belts and ties with it.

I know it looks kind of like a prego shirt, but I promise it's not.  I wouldn't typically wear white with it either, but I am also experimenting with not always using like colors with everything. Go crazy and match a sweater you usually wouldn't with something and you might find that it's that extra something you needed for the outfit.
As I was saying about different ties and ribbons, I've been searching through my house and room trying to find these items, because I am a girl and have random things like that I am sure you do too.  They are fun because you can use them to create different necklaces and make a plain shirt look like it just came off the fashion runway.  I used a plain old ribbon to spruce up a few necklaces I owned today and it made my outfit super fun today.  I got the idea from clothedmuch a great fashion blog with many great tips.  Here was the result:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DI love it!

I found this great white gap skirt at the DI yesterday so of course I had to wear it today.  Yet I realized I am not exactly sure how to wear white.  I alway feel like I stand out when I wear white skirts or pants, so it was good challenge.  I decided to partner it with brown, because I wasn't feeling bold enough to do black and white together. I was struggling with it as you will see with my pictures: 
 Here was outfit number one.
 Number two. Oh and yes I am trying to be serious, but it looks more ridiculous then anything.  I think I need to work on my modeling.  I'll be getting a lot of practice I think.  If you find it hilarious maybe don't look at my face look just at the clothes.  Now if you find yourself laughing at the clothes then I might be hurt, just don't tell me!
Number three.  Guess which one I went with, it's so typical.  I went with outfit number one.  I thought it was a little more slimming then the other two.  Plus the sweater was a cashmere JCrew sweater (bought from DownEast for cheaper) so it was super warm for a cold winter day in the 'Burg.
Also typical I remembered something that would have been even better and super fun while I was sitting at church.  I had also got this brown shirt/dress thing at DI a couple days earlier and it would have made the outfit even better. None the less I thought of it a little bit to late, so I tried it on when I got home and it  certainly was as scrumptious as I thought it would have been. Oh well that is why there are other days in this life.
I know this is suppose to be a fashion blog, but lets just say sometimes after getting all dressed up it's just as fun to come home and put on sweats, or in this case leggings.  They still remain one of the best clothing articles ever.  I felt like putting this up, because I just want to show I am normal even though I love clothes. I am just like everyone else and we are all daughters of God. This is some of the best knowledge I have, and I hope my love for fashion, clothing, and sewing can help me draw closer to my Savior and bring joy and happiness to others! That is why I want to do this blog, so I can help other women and girls realize who they are, that everyone is beautiful and they have the right to believe this, and they should except themselves and love themselves for who they are.  Clothing is a great way to find who you are and to gain confidence.  It's hard finding that right niche in fashion, but once you do run with it and just have fun!

It's been awhile, but I am back!

I fixed my camera, yay!  I went to the DI today with one of my favorite people in the world named Erin Burgener and she turned to me at one point and said, "Hanna, you should start a blog." I then said I did have one, but I just hadn't posted for awhile.  I became inspired though and thought I would rekindle my fashion blog especially since I fixed my camera.  Here are all the outfits I've had that I've taken pictures of the past few weeks.  You get them all in one, here goes:
 This was my outfit for one of my girls weddings.  She was the first of us to get married, so of course I needed something great.  I basically based the whole outfit on the great necklace I was wearing. Jewelry may not be my forte, but I am always willing to try.  
 I also wanted a great hairdo for the wedding, I came up with this.  I was pretty proud!
It's my church outfit for stake conference.  I had this dress that wasn't very flattering, but I loved the fabric, so I was bound to make it work somehow.  I tucked in the top part and pull the waist up and then tied a ribbon around it.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  Plus the green tights give it a little pizazz.  
Ty and I are excellent models.  I wore Ty's belt, so he thought it would be great to try mine on for a photo.  I think I might borrow his clothes more often, it sure adds a lot to my wardrobe! I also made that lovely hat I am wearing.  It was a super fun project.
 For the outfit in the picture above I decided something was missing, so I had to switch things up a bit.  I choose the scarf instead of the hat, because it added a little more color to the outfit.  I always tend to go super neutral and I am trying to add more color to my clothing.  I thought the scarf was a fun and simple way to so for this outfit.  
This is for my favorite person who is serving in Nicaragua.  He sent me a shirt, which was actually from the MTC, but none the less very cool.  He said I didn't have to wear it, but here is a secret.  I try to find every way possible to wear it.  For example for church I wore it under my sweater and I felt so cool.  I think I wore it under things almost every single day of the week and the week following that.  I like it that much!
 Here is the outfit with the Nicaragua shirt covered.  It's pretty simple, but I was pretty happy with the outcome.  I am loving doing a baggy shirt with a sweater over top.  It's super comfy and simple, but still looks good enough that when you go out in public you don't look like a slob.  It also works great with leggings, which might be the best invention ever.
 I know my head is cut off, but this outfit was super great and super cheap.  I got asked out on a date, so of course all day I was brainstorming what to wear and how to do my hair.  I walked into my brothers room and saw this shirt and felt very inspired.  I informed my brother and mom I was going to wear this shirt and they both started laughing.  I guess the shirt was a hand-me-down from my uncle and my brother had worn in on his trek for that summer.  Obviously I didn't care and still wore it.  Also on my date I got lots of compliments and plus the kid asked me out for a second date, so it must of looked pretty good if I can say so myself. 
 Here is what I choose to do for my hair.  It's a french twist up the back of your head.  It was simple, but still spunky enough to not just be a ponytail.
This was my outfit for today.  I took a little adventure to the DI yesterday with my favorite cousin and best friend.  I found this dress/shirt and fell in love.  It had a weird tie around the waist, but I knew I just fix that and make a lot more fashionable.  I also came across the great belt I am wearing. It was a pretty chill comfy outfit, but still I looked cute and ready to go out on the town.  Which I did well as much as you can in Rexburg, and I went to DI again with Erin Burgener who gave me inspiration to start again with blogging.  Love you girls!