Monday, December 6, 2010

Black and Brown

The past two days I've worn black and brown and I never wear black and brown.  I guess I've just wanted to try something a little different.  I also brought out two items I haven't worn for awhile and used them in my outfits.
Here was Sundays outfit and item of choice.

 Monday's outfit and item.

Just so you know, I did do my hair this morning, but the rain/snow destroyed it.  The weather was a little bit ridculous today.  Yet while I was at work this lady came in and had such a positive attitude about the snow.  I asked her why she loved it so much.  Her response was I met my husband during the winter, so it just brings back so many good memories.  I thought that was pretty sweet and she helped me to see that you can find joy even in the snow.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Didn't Buy Anything!

Here something that is pretty remarkable.  Tonight I went shopping with my mom and sister and none of us bought anything.  Yeah it's called self-control!  I was pretty proud of myself that I resisted. Also today I tried to simplify my outfit, well or at least simplify the putting it together part.  This morning I put on the first thing I thought of and felt pretty confident.  Though tonight for shopping I pulled out a skirt I made and really wanted to wear it, because I haven't worn it yet. This was a little harder to put together, but I really tried not to over think about it.  I didn't get pictures of my outfit to school, but I got a picture of the shirt I wore here it is.  
 The best part is the flowers.  I took a basic shirt and made flowers to go it and spruce it up a bit.  It really simple, but fun at the same time.  
 Now for my shopping outfit I wore the skirt mentioned above.  I saw a girl wearing the cutest tulip skirt the other day and wanted to try and make one myself.  I used a pattern for a pencil skirt, but since I wanted the front to look like a tulip I had to be creative.  It didn't turn out grand, but it was fun to attempt it anyway.  I haven't worn it yet, but I determined tonight was the night to be creative.  

 I know I kind of look creepy in this, but just ignore my head.  And I know since I said that I just drew attention to it, but I just had to justify that I don't always look creepy.  The rest of my outfit looks great.  
 Since it's cold and I needed a jacket I broke out the jean jacket again.  And tied my scarf a little differently for the final result.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Do you want to know what makes me happy, well the title might have given it away, but super good friends make me happy.  A couple weeks ago one of my good old friends contacted me and we've been trying to get together to do something.  Well tonight we finally arranged something.  It was pretty great to see this friends here are the reasons why.
1.  We went to cocoa bean and got cupcakes.  Ok I got a cupcake and he got hot chocolate.  He is kind of a weird health food fanatic.  Yet I still made him eat some of my cupcake and who could ever say no to me!
2.  I have this goal to someday climb the Grand Teton and my friend has done it.  He basically just inspired me to some day do it.
3.  We talked about clothes and fashion.  I learned something new a lot of guys pants don't have spandex in them, so that is why a lot of guys lean towards skinny fits jeans, because the spandex makes them more comfortable.
4.  We both like the DI.
5.  He took a Hawaiian Basket weaving class while he was in Hawaii, I think I am going to try and convince him to teach me, if we can get ahold of materials.

Well I was trying to come up with a great outfit and maybe kind of do my hair.  Well the hair ended up being what it is almost every day.  A poof on my head and the outfit was very simple.  Yet I really liked it for some reason.  Sometimes simple is the best thing in life.
Ok now here is my random tangent.  Today I was dwelling on what makes people feel comfortable in an outfit. For some reason I feel the best in outfits when I don't over think about it, put on whatever I see first, put on the only thing I have available, and don't think if everything is perfectly matching.  I thought this was interesting, am I the only one that feels this way. This led me to think about why I feel this way.  I feel at least in my case sometimes I dwell on the small things that don't really matter, like does this belt match perfectly, do these prints go well together, etc. I start to overanalyzes and find all the flaws in what I am doing.  I think that others might judge me for what I am wearing.  I think it's good to be concise and take pride in your appearance (obviously, or why else would I have this blog). Sometime though, as in other aspects in life,  we are too concise. We can recognize all the flaws in something, because we've spent so much time looking for them. Yet we then become blind to the overall picture that really could be something good and forget to really love the strengths.  It's this way in life in general we have such good desires, but sometimes we forget what is truly important.  This week I am going to not try and find the flaws in my outfits that I first put together.  Yet recognize the strengths.  I might also need to incorporate this into other aspects of my life as well. Be more positive would be the simple way to phrase that, but why would I ever want to do simple! (That my friends is called sarcasm, so I don't sound like a hypocrite)  What makes you feel good in an outfit? What could you do to feel more confident in the clothes you wear?  How can this help you love yourself better?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fabric Is One Of My Greatest Joys In Life

I made a blouse in my sewing class and I am quite proud of it.  Yeah there are lots of flaws, so don't look to closely, just remembered this was my first blouse project.  Since I was so proud I wore it today and told basically everyone I talked to that I made it.

 Without the sweater, so you can get the whole affect.
With the sweater and how I wore it today.  Yes I wore my Uggs with it.  I know maybe not the best combine, but I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to wear them like every single day.  I even did something yesterday that I said I never would.  I wore my Uggs with a dress, and it didn't even turn out bad.  Sorry I didn't get any pictures.  I didn't have time and then I went to the temple in the afternoon, so my hair was all crazy.  Ok bad excuse, because my hair is basically always crazy.  I just didn't take pictures and that is that.
Yet well I am showing off my mad sewing skill I will post my Sunday outfit, where I made the skirt I was wearing.  It super simple to, if anyone wants to know how to make it let me know.  We could have a fun sewing day or something.
 I even broke out my jean jacket from my freshman year in high school for this outfit.  I mean jean is back in style, I am so glad I didn't get rid of it.
I might also have a bag made out of the same fabric, I like it and plus it was nothing to expensive, of course I had to get lots of it!