Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm back!

Today I'm thinking a lot about the future and what it holds. I am the only one who fears, it's so scary to jump into the unknown. I've always had faith, but faith has taken on a new meaning for me over the past few months. Faith is believing in things that you can't see but you know are true. I can't see what the future holds, but I know it's true that God can. I can't see what is best for me, but I know it's true that God can. I can't always see the light at the end of the  tunnel during those dark times, but I know it's true that there will be a light at some point and that I'll reach it. I don't see why I am going through the experiences I am having, but I know it's true that there is a purpose and someday I'll understand. I lack a lot of faith in a lot of areas, but I keep trying to hang on the little understanding I do have of this little word. So yet again faith is believing in something that you can't see, but know to be true. Wish me luck, I've got some big decisions right ahead of me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love is now spelled with an I

It's been awhile, as in a while like a year almost. Well I post only for Kristen's sake. It's very ororororordinary! Well I am done now!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Fav!

So this weekend I've hung out with some of best friends ever, and one of them showed me the coolest song ever.  It is officially my new fav of the week, and it might last for a month or two.  Now I shall share it will who ever checks out my blog, so you can join in on the fun!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sundays are the Best (said in Nacho Libre accent)

I would now like to award Sunday as the best day of the week.  And here are the reasons why:
1. I get to partake of the sacrament and renew my baptismal covenants.
2. I get to go and learn more about the gospel and draw closer to my Savior.
3. I just always feel refreshed and ready to take on a new week.
4. I get to email my favorite person in the whole world and it also means one day closer to receiving an email back from him.  Lets just say my family can attest that I love these emails and how as soon as I get home from work I grab some food and run down to my room to read my email!
5. My sister Sadie skypes us, so my family all gathers on one coach to talk with her.  We get to see Thomas playing baseball, making silly faces, and doing his fake laugh.  We get to see how big Lewis is getting and his little attitude.  Occasionally Daniel will pop in to say hello.  Then even when we are done, we stay on the coach and talk and laugh about everything and anything for a long time.  
6. I have to wear a dress and lets just say I love picking out my outfit.  I sometimes will be so excited to pick out a Sunday outfit I have it planned out by the middle of the week. I just always feel so beautiful getting all dressed up, doing my hair, picking out accessories, and actually putting makeup on. 

Those are the main reasons why Sunday has received the award for the best day of the week.  To top of my Sunday this week I had a little photo shoot of my favorite Sunday outfits over the past couple of months. I have this great talent of remembering what outfit I wore for past events, and I can remember my Sunday outfits over the past few months.  A few of them were outfits I wore to the temple or for other events, but here are the pictures!
This is what I wore the week I spoke in church, yep scary, pretty sure I don't need that experience again.
I love lace, so when I saw this dress I had to have it.  Yet as you can see it's not really a winter dress, but I wanted to wear it anyways.  So I paired it with brown tights, but I need something to go with the brown tights.
 That is when my mother pulled this belt out.  It is my great grandmothers.  How cool is that!  I was very proud to wear my great grandmothers belt that Sunday.  I've never met her before, because she passed away before I was born. Yet I sure have heard how she was a small lady who was lovely, but also had a lot of spunk. I think in the next life we will get along real well!
Casual, that is all I've got to say! The skirt was a great DI find though and I love when I think up a new way to wear it.
Ok so I found this blazer at the DI, and really wanted it, so I bought it.  Then I got home and realized, I didn't know what to wear it with.  Plus it totally had shoulder pads, which didn't look bad.  The thing is when I think shoulder pads I think, no way!  Well so I took the shoulder pads out and altered a few things, and I am still not exactly sure how to style it, but I tried.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
Ok I actually wore this like 5 months ago, but I have loved it ever since.  So of course I had to take a picture!

 This it the best necklace in the whole world, the end.

 Look at these shoes, yeah.  Totally my sisters, she has the greatest high heels in the whole entire world.
So I made this dress, but I kind of felt like a pioneer in it all day.  Maybe because my mom did buy the fabric to make a pioneer skirt for me when I was suppose to go on the pioneer trek a few years ago, that I didn't go on because I was at nationals for jump rope.  Yet I still like it, especially since it is a maxi dress, can I say comfortable!
As you can see, this belt rocks!
It's got cheetah print on it, and I got it for only $1.  My philosophy with belts now is, if it's over like $3, it's so not worth it, you can find something cheaper!
Everything looks black, I promise the sweater is just dark green.  I even have a dark brown belt on. 

So this skirt and the blue one in the picture just above are some of my favorite skirts.  The reason why I probably like them so much is because I made them.  With my own two hands, nobody else's!

Yep another great pair of heels, and guess what they are my sister Alisa's again.  Thanks bunches, sis!

Well hope you enjoy all my outfits.  Erin these pictures are for you, so you better check this out!
Yep I sure do love everything about Sundays!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Registration, yep I know how you are feeling when you were this dreaded word!

Here are a few facts I learned from registration:
1. I have zero zip patience.  It is 6:24 in the morning and I have been able to register for one, just one of the classes I need out of the six I am registering for.  If each of them take this long I won't be able to go back to bed, because it will be time to wake up.  Look at me rant, I am just proving more and more how impatient I truly am.
2.  I feel like I am the only one who has these problems, because I am right.  I know I know, everyone else is having the exact same problems and isn't getting any of there classes either, but in my time of dire need I am deciding not to see this point.
3.  BYU-I certainly will stop your registration over super small things. For example apparently I hadn't updated my emergency contact numbers in awhile.  It took probably 20 out of the about 24 minutes mentioned above to actually get through that little situation.  I guess I count myself lucky because it could have been worse like not having been endorsed, because then that would have taken a little more time then just 20 min.  One upside to a problem like that though would be I could just go back to bed.
4.  A few semester ago I just went back to bed after having like 10 minutes of no luck, I am tempted to do that again.  I mean sleep is so much more important then getting classes anyway.
5.  Ok here is one plus, there was one class I was really worried about getting into, because there were only 2 spots, well guess who got one of those spots.  Yeah me!
6.  I think my fingers are clicker happy and have to be doing something constantly.  This is causing me great grief.  I try to only click on things once, but sometimes without even realizing it my finger reaches out and I see it click again while I am thinking nooooooooooo.  Here are the reasons why I would be a little aggravated at myself for this.  First if you click something it takes a total of a bazzillion (I know kind of a made up word, but this way you get the affect better) years to load.  Second if you click on something twice it will tell you there was an error and you have to start from the beginning anyways.  I think this point goes along with the fact that I am impatient and that I want to go back to bed.  Look how nicely everything just ties together.
7.  Ok I am starting to find the whole situation a lot more comical then it was just a few minutes ago.  I figure there isn't much I can right, so I might as well smile about it.
8.  It has now been 1 hour and  17minutes since I began registering and I am finally finishing up.  Time to go back to bed!  Night, or good morning which ever way you decide to look at it

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today I woke up bright and early to go to the temple.  Usually I plan on spending anywhere between 1-2 hours there depending on the wait.  This morning though, there was nobody there.  It took me I think a total of 15 min to be done.  It was like the craziest thing that has ever happened to me!  Any who, I sure do love the temple and I am so grateful that I live so close to one.  During the fall semester I sure had a rough time at things, but I made a friend in one of my classes.  She would go to the temple weekly and so I was inspired to make regular temple attendance more important.  I've tried to go weekly since about December.  I certainly have seen such a huge change in my life since I've made going weekly a priority. One of the changes that I've seen the most is that I do not get as down on myself.  I am pretty critical of myself and have a very high standard for myself.  Yet when I go to the temple I become less critical of myself and just know that if I am trying to do my best the Lord sure can make up for the rest.  I am just very grateful today for the knowledge I have about the gospel and the blessing of getting to go to the temple weekly.  If you don't already go to the temple weekly, I sure advise you too.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today Was Momentous!

Yes today was a very momentous day and a day I have been looking forward too, for about 2 months now. Are you ready to hear what it is………….I finally got to ride my new bike!  The weather has been warming up for the past few days and I have been getting quite anxious to get out and finally ride my bike, but I had two little things getting in the way called work and my snowy muddy hill.  Well I woke up bright and early this morning looked outside and saw the sun.  I immediately thought today is the day, and I don't even care if the hill is muddy, I can get a bit dirty!

Well I coerced my brother Ty into going on the bike ride with me.  We put on a billions layers, made sure we looked really cute (to impress everyone we saw out in our lovely desolate Lyman), and headed out to enjoy the sun.

Yep it was totally worth it, I love the feeling after you are done working out and after going out in the sun after a long winter.  I feel pretty darn lucky and grateful for such a wonderful life!
Here is my beloved bike, you are allowed to covet it if you'd like, I give you permission!
Do you like the leggings under the sweats, I learned from my mother.  Oh also the 90's headband might be the key item in the outfit that just brings it all together.  Remember you can't be cute when you are doing outdoor stuff and it's chilly.  It's all about the warmth, I obviously have taken my mothers advice to heart!
Look at the snowy hill in the background, I almost slipped off my bike a few times, because it was so slushy and muddy!  Oh but another momentous thing that occurred was that I was able to ride my bike all the way up my hill.  If anyone has seen that puppy, You've got to admit that is pretty impressive.  Or at least admit it, so I can continue to feel good about myself!
Let's just say I had a little fun taking pictures of me with the bike.  Since it is a momentous occasion, I've certainly got to document it by taking great pictures.  Also I am just justifying even more why it was a great idea why I switched from a fashion blog to just a normal me blog!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Get Away!

Last week I was in one of those moods where I just needed to get out of Rexburg.  I usually am quite content with Rexburg, but about once in a blue moon it's time to leave even if it is for just a day.  Well my mother suggested I road trip to Logan to visit Sadie. Without really thinking about it, I called Sadie up and it was all settled I was leaving Friday morning.  Now I know it isn't very far, but I've never driven anywhere past Idaho Falls all by myself, so I sure didn't want to adventure to far and get lost, that would have been disastrous.  So Logan was the perfect distance for me.  

Friday came and I was all settled in my little Alero with some crackers, pop tarts, carrots, and water (I know sometimes I try to be healthy, but cookies and cream pop tarts are just so good to pass up for a road trip or even just everyday!) and I had the audio book of Northanger Abbey on my Ipod, and I had a full tank of gas (this is rare). Well I certainly wasn't worried about making it there, but I have a feeling that a few members of my family were worried that I didn't know how to get there.  Well to make it clear I made it there with flying colors and had no problems!

When I pulled up to Sadie and Daniel's apartment I see Sadie and Thomas waving from the window and super anxious for their weekend visitor, which would be me!  I felt so loved!  Well we had a wonderful day where I got to watch youtube videos with Thomas, play games, eat spaghetti, talk a lot with Sadie (when we get together we talk quite a bit, it's kind of my favorite thing about us), sledding (we even used a yeti tube, that is for you Daniel), treated to a delicious dinner (Thanks Daniel, you are the best brother-in-law ever!), went grocery shopping, went hot tubbing, ate delicious caramel apple baked french toast, and had Thomas help me get all pretty for my adventure on Saturday.  
Thanks Sadie, Daniel, Thomas, and Lewis for helping me have the perfect weekend getaway from Rexburg.  It was exactly what the doctor prescribed!  I sure appreciated everything you guys did to help me have a good time.  I also admire how incredible of parents you are, I sure think Thomas and Lewis are pretty lucky fellows!  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Stalker!

Yesterday before my run a dear dear friend called me and we got to talk for a bit.  I told her I blog stalk her to keep updated with her life, because we kind of get separation anxiety when we don't talk to each other for a while.  She then informed me that should would stalk my blog as well, but I tend to not write things as often.  So basically this post has no other purpose other then to actually have a post, and show my dear friend Kristen that I do post occasionally!  Love you Kristen, and while I am at it I will share some of my favorite photos of Kristen, because I am jealous of her vibrant blue eyes!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am not an incredible runner, but it is something I am trying to do on a regular bases.  I've been pretty consistent at doing it for the past couple of months. I've been running on the dear treadmill down in my basement as well.  Lets just say that I hate the treadmill quite a lot.  Tonight though I had a couple of friends invite me to join them running up at the new BYU-I Center.  First off I was really hesitant to go, because these two friends of mine are really good runners.  One of them runs in between 5-10 miles on a daily bases.  Yeah crazy, that is all I have to say.  The other friend was involved in cross country and track all throughout high school, and runs long distances with no problem, and doesn't even break a sweat doing it.  Well I finally decide it would be good for me and I put on my new BYU-I workout shirt and headed out to see how I compared with these two great athletes. 

Well shockingly, it turned out pretty darn good.  It was incredible not having to run on a treadmill and stay in one place for way to long.  I actually was even able to stay up with one of my friends for the 20 min that I ran.  Yeah I am might just have to go to the BYU-I center every time I want to run now, if anyone would like to join me, I am always up for running partners!

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Adventures!

So when I was young my family went snow machining every once in awhile with my mother's family.  Yet the last time we went was when I was like 5, we've got some great pictures of me in my multi colored 90's coat and my frizzy hair. Lets just say not much has changed.  I've still got some great outfit pieces and frizzy hair as well.  My mother helped me out in my getting ready for my adventure of going to snow machine again tonight.  

Here is what occurred: first I tried to match my blue coat with this blue hat.  I thought it worked out well, but my mother then informed me that you can't look cute when you snow machine.  My favorite is how she emphasized that you can't look cute, that isn't an option.  It's all about the warmth, and as we all know warm things certainly can't be cute.  

That means I went for the boys hat that cover my ears super well and certainly hides my frizzy hair really well.

Then my mother told me that she had the perfect pair of gloves for me to wear.  

Yep the look like mickey mouse hands, just different colors.  I have this dear friend who really has great intensions when he gets me gifts, but sometimes they turn out to be well like mickey mouse gloves, and I wear them once, so when he ask whether I've worn them or not I can tell him I have.

I even got a picture of my mom with them on, and yes I got permission from her to put this picture on my blog. You can see why I love my robe so much, I am the daughter of my mother who loves her robe as well.  

Snow machining was a blast!  My sister's friend Nick brought his snow machines up to our house, because we have a potato field for our backyard, only in Idaho I know, and we partied hardy! Also I am so grateful for a mother who looks out for me, and makes sure I am dressed warm, but certainly not cute!

Also Ty, Brady, and I just liking taking picture of ourselves, especially before we go out and do something in the snow.  Don't ask me why, because to be honest I am not sure why.  Especially since we all always look our best, but I am not really self conscious about it, so I am going to share them anyways. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy Busy

The past few days have been glorious, because I've stayed pretty busy.  When I get to relax I really love it. Unfortunately though since I do enjoy it quite a bit I get very sedentary for a long time, and then I get bored and I'm not sure why.  Then when I get busy again I realize how awesome and accomplishing it feels to be doing something again.  Yeah it's a vicious cycle I suffer from, and probably need to learn to overcome.  Also I must admit now if what I had to stay busy with was homework, then I probably would not be writing this post.  Yet what I stayed busy with was actually having a social life. Yeah a little more exciting then homework and school.  I got to eat lunch with a good friend from last semester.  I ventured out to the ward social and surprisingly had a fun time. I even got to meet some new people and really enjoyed talking with them.  I got to spend some amazing quality time with the Burgener clan and like always had a blast!  Erin and I got to learn about color, and I never realized how cool color is and how much there is to learn about it.  I think I've found a new hobby to occupy my time with for awhile.  Then of course we had to spend sometime with her mom and talk about clothes and sewing. To top things off Elizabeth invited me to stay for lunch, and it was super delicious.  I had a group of friends come chill at my house.  Then I went on a date to top things off. Yep it's been quite the social weekend, and I've really enjoyed staying busy.  Thanks everyone who played a part for helping me stay busy and for being such wonderful friends!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Biggest Loser

Do you want to know my favorite show is?  Yes I know the title gave it away.  The Biggest Loser is the only television show that I watch, and usually I am not alone, because all my siblings join in as well.  Here is the irony of the situation.  If you ever seen my dearest sister Alisa or my little brother Brady, they are more likely to be considered underweight then to overly obese.  The other ironic thing comes with what I was eating while watching this show.

Yep I was eating Charleston Chews while watching the show.  Irony is the only word I can think of to describe this situation.  Sometimes a girl just needs her chocolate, ok.  Don't worry I am going to run afterwards, to make up for it!  

Monday, January 31, 2011

Yep Two In One Day

I have been on this cooking kick the past couple of days.  The weird thing is I don't really know how to cook, so it's all an experiment as well.  About a week ago, I made these super fattening muffins rolled in butter and cinnamon.  Also I made brownies yesterday, that turned out really moist and chocolatey.  Tonight I made dinner for the family, because I found this delicious looking pasta on Pioneer Woman.  It's called Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce and here is the link to the recipe if after looking at my pictures you want to make it yumminess in my tummy
 The recipe called for garlic, and I've never used garlic before.  Of course I googled how you actually get to the garlic that you can eat, because there are practically five layers, ok there is really only two.  My favorite part was hitting the cloves to get the skin off of them.  I don't know if I did it the right way, but I sure got the skins off, and laughed quite a bit.  
 Also I loved that you added cream to the sauce, it's brilliant! Anything to make it more fattening.  If you are going to eat you might as well really enjoy it right!
 I also love the color of the sauce, I think it would be great for a summer dress or some high heels.  And since it is food, it makes for a colorful dinner.  
Here is the final product that went into my tummy, it turned out delicious.  The only thing I would change is the amount of garlic I put in, because it was really strong.  I am not really use to a strong garlic taste either, so that is why my preference is to decrease the amount used.

Change Is Always Good

Yep I am switching things up.  This is not a fashion blog anymore.  I am leaving the past post though, in case anyone wants to look back at them.  Ok it's really because I am to lazy to start a new blog or find some way to get rid of all of them.  Well this is now going to be just a blog about me and all my quirks.  Yeah I am resorting to the typical boring route, but I feel this approach will be so much more fun, because I really am awesome and have lots of other things I'd rather post about.
Also I have a few reasons to support my decision in ditching the fashion blog. First I felt all weird taking lots of pictures of myself, I was a little to critical.  Second I like my sweats way to much, and it took a lot of effort to actually try to think of being fashionable on days where I could just be sitting in my robe all day long.  Yep I said robe, it was the best thing I got for Christmas.  My favorite part about it is when you put it on it's like you are getting are really long hug, who wouldn't want to sit in that all day long.
Well todays post is going to be about one of my favorite things.

Yep I like the dictionary, I find exceeding joy in looking up words.  I've only added two apps to my ipod. The first is the scriptures and the second is the dictionary.  I think words are so remarkable and plus when you use prodigious words then you sound every intelligent, like I just barely did.