Monday, January 31, 2011

Yep Two In One Day

I have been on this cooking kick the past couple of days.  The weird thing is I don't really know how to cook, so it's all an experiment as well.  About a week ago, I made these super fattening muffins rolled in butter and cinnamon.  Also I made brownies yesterday, that turned out really moist and chocolatey.  Tonight I made dinner for the family, because I found this delicious looking pasta on Pioneer Woman.  It's called Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce and here is the link to the recipe if after looking at my pictures you want to make it yumminess in my tummy
 The recipe called for garlic, and I've never used garlic before.  Of course I googled how you actually get to the garlic that you can eat, because there are practically five layers, ok there is really only two.  My favorite part was hitting the cloves to get the skin off of them.  I don't know if I did it the right way, but I sure got the skins off, and laughed quite a bit.  
 Also I loved that you added cream to the sauce, it's brilliant! Anything to make it more fattening.  If you are going to eat you might as well really enjoy it right!
 I also love the color of the sauce, I think it would be great for a summer dress or some high heels.  And since it is food, it makes for a colorful dinner.  
Here is the final product that went into my tummy, it turned out delicious.  The only thing I would change is the amount of garlic I put in, because it was really strong.  I am not really use to a strong garlic taste either, so that is why my preference is to decrease the amount used.

Change Is Always Good

Yep I am switching things up.  This is not a fashion blog anymore.  I am leaving the past post though, in case anyone wants to look back at them.  Ok it's really because I am to lazy to start a new blog or find some way to get rid of all of them.  Well this is now going to be just a blog about me and all my quirks.  Yeah I am resorting to the typical boring route, but I feel this approach will be so much more fun, because I really am awesome and have lots of other things I'd rather post about.
Also I have a few reasons to support my decision in ditching the fashion blog. First I felt all weird taking lots of pictures of myself, I was a little to critical.  Second I like my sweats way to much, and it took a lot of effort to actually try to think of being fashionable on days where I could just be sitting in my robe all day long.  Yep I said robe, it was the best thing I got for Christmas.  My favorite part about it is when you put it on it's like you are getting are really long hug, who wouldn't want to sit in that all day long.
Well todays post is going to be about one of my favorite things.

Yep I like the dictionary, I find exceeding joy in looking up words.  I've only added two apps to my ipod. The first is the scriptures and the second is the dictionary.  I think words are so remarkable and plus when you use prodigious words then you sound every intelligent, like I just barely did.