Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feeling of Accomplishment

For Memorial Day I went hiking, which isn't very surprising since that is what I've done quite a bit here in Provo. Yet this wasn't just any old hike, it was Provo Peak. If you haven't heard of it, it's ok, because most people haven't. When I told people I hiked Provo Peak they looked at me like, are you sure that was the name, because I've never heard of that before. But truly I hiked Provo Peak. To get up to it, we drove on a muddy, steep, and windey  road. If you'd like to successfully make it to the mountain, four-wheel drive is needed. Once you get there, there is no trail. So we just started to head upwards, and it headed upwards very rapidly. As we continued to head upwards we were also met with something that made it even funner, this would be called snow. I was doing pretty well until half way up I looked out over the valley and realized how steep the mountain was and how high I was. I realized how small I was in comparison to this mountain, and one missed step could potentially cause a lot of pain. It was also scary, because the snow hid all the loose rocks. I would try to get a secure grip with my shoes and also grab onto the snow with my frozen hands. It wasn't really a hike that exhausted me physically as much as it did mentally. After awhile, I felt like it was never going to end, so I told the people I was hiking with that I was done. One of the guys said that I couldn't stop yet, I had 95% of the hike done and only 40% of the view. I bucked up and just put one foot in front of the other, and I sure am glad that I did, here is why.

I felt very accomplished, and I realized I can do anything I put my mind to. And with a lot of harder work and determination, I can end up with a reward that it way beyond my comprehension. I felt a little bit of heaven up on the top of this mountain, and I will never forget this moment. I don't think my legs will either, or my sunburnt head/neck!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Epic Death

So my ward has been playing assassin, with marshmallows. Basically rules of the game you have a target and try to kill them by throwing a marshmallow. If killed you must give the person who you killed your victim, it leads to one person winning. Well this week I learned who was trying to kill me, so I was very good at avoiding seeing them. Yet I was very good at taunting them (of course without really seeing them) and pleading them that they spare my life! I informed this person that if I must die, it must be epic and I needed a good story. Well as the week goes on my best friend, cousin, and roommate (I am just trying to emphasize how close we are) named Kristen decided to betray me. She started collaborating with my killer, yeah I know I should have been furious! Well last night I was left alone in my apartment while everyone went to go plot my death. I decided I might as well enjoy myself and sat on my bed to watch Rocky (classy I know). Awhile later Kristen walks into our room and announces we should make tacos. I grudgingly leave Rocky to go make tacos, but in the process Kristen tells me all of her ingredients are in our neighbors fridge. I inform her I have everything, she stumbles over some explanation why we have to use her stuff, and then leaves. She comes back and then indiscreetly looks out the door. At this point I obviously run back to my room (there is a rules you can't kill past the chastity line). While I am running back I look over my shoulder and see none other then Chewbacca coming into my apartment with two sticks/light sabers with marshmallows on the end. Well after Kristen pulls me out to the living room and I light saber fight with Chewbacca, I end up dead. Yet I am not to disappointed, because I got my wish it was an epic death! Plus I get to plot and help Chewbacca to kill his next victim, I am pretty stoked about it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


My apartment now has a cat, or to be more specific a kitten. His name is Mexico, and was kind of growing on me. Until I came home today and my roommate informed that Mexico pooped in our apartment. Now this was one very strong reason why I was opposed to the idea in the first place. I can now smell the stench quite strongly and I am trying to hold my tongue. My roommate is moving out soon anyways, and off goes the kitten with her. Yet I am kind of grateful for this experience, as odd as that sounds. While here in Provo I am learning to relax a bit and become more comfortable with things I usually would say no way to. Now I don't think I will ever become comfortable with the idea of having a long term indoor animal, yet I can say for a short time I am not going to get super (key word super) worked up about this, when in reality it's not the end of the world.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls

Today was a big day. I made cinnamon rolls for the very first time. Now I am overly anxious and I was worried the whole time I was making them that I did something wrong. First it was the yeast I was worried I hadn't made it warm enough to activate it, then I was worried that I had made it to warm and killed the yeast. Then I was worried that I had added enough flour, then I felt I had added to much flour. Then I put it in a warm place to rise and I checked on the dough like every 10 sec, because I was worried it wasn't going to raise. Yet guess what, they turned out perfect. I might have felt very accomplished and proud of myself! I sure hope others feel accomplished when they make cinnamon rolls and it's not just easy for everyone, but me. Well it was a good thing they turned out, because I made them for lots of reasons. Number one reason it was my wonderful sister Jenn's b-day and they are her favorite dessert. I thought it was one simple thing I could do for her on her birthday. Also I have a lots of friends now in Provo and I wanted to share a little love!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just A Little Lost, Maybe Provo Will Find My Way!

Well as usual it's been months, probably a year since I really have posted. I've sat down many times to post something. Then a few things go through my head: nobody even reads this so why bother, I hate posting about my life on the internet if by chance someone did decide to read it, and also I am not even witty and articulate so why even try. Yet tonight I am posting, because it's kind of a last resource thing to make me feel remotely better about what I do best. Now what I do best is ponder (which would mean having a philosophical in a not so philosophical moment). Basically, not super productive in any way shape or form, because I sure have a lot of thought that make sense to nobody including myself. Yet it's what I do best because I do it often and waste a lot of time doing it. I've been thinking about life, it's kind of a big deal to me. I've been thinking about what I should be doing with my life, also kind of a big deal since I don't really want to do nothing with me life. But does it ever seem that the more productive you try to be with your life it all kind of just backfires. Backfires in the sense that sometimes it would have been better to do nothing with your life to then to try, because you feel that by trying it pulls you farther away from being productive or even figuring things out. (Well at this point in my little rampage I paused to ponder a bit more and came up with this). I think two big factor involved in this picture that I've forgotten of are fear and faith. It's really hard to see the big picture, and life is very scary if you don't keep things in perspective. It's easy to let fear overwhelm you, as I have many times over the past, ok in reality my whole life. I have been spending a lot of time letting fear take control of me, and not believing that at some point  I'll understand. For example it's the times that I do allow myself to have faith that this is when one thing is made a bit clearer and I am filled with hope and joy. I sure wish I was stronger and could tap into the power of faith at every confusing and tough time of my life. I guess that's one reason we are here to learn, so I guess I'll keep learning right! Well that's the point I'm at. (Side note, I totally type like I talk, for example I was just going to type anyways to continue on. I use the word anyways in case I had just taken a tangent, I want to change subjects, or there is nothing to talk about. In this case I went off on a tangent). So anyways I guess I'll just keep trying...I am in Provo taking a big leap of faith wish me luck!