Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So while here in Provo I've made some good friends. I don't typically click with girls either, but I've been pretty lucky while I've been here. There are four of us girls that are basically inseparable. Every night (super late) you can find us in my apartment talking about the events of the day and life in general.

First off there is Kristen, my cousin. She has been my best friend for sometime, and I sure am grateful for her. She makes me laugh every day, and makes me go on hikes at 4 in the morning. She is very opened minded and willing to try anything, plus she is so happy!

Then there is Suzy. She was roommates with Kristen last semester, so they were good friends. We just hit it off, ok not really, but I am glad she was patient with me while I was trying to get out of my pity myself zone. I am going to miss her though, because she is going on her mission in September.  I know she is going to be an awesome missionary though, and the people of Brazil are so lucky they get to her for a year and a half!

Last, but not least Carissa. She was just super social in the ward, and so we became friends, because we wanted to make more friends. She is super funny, and makes me go meet new people all the time. Also she can make a mean eggplant lasagna, and some great banana chocolate truffles!

I am grateful for these girls, they have been a huge blessing in my life. We are each so different, but one thing in common we love being together, and doing crazy things together!

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