Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just A Little Hike

Yesterday was Wednesday, which for Kristen and I mean hiking day! Basically every Wednesday since I got to Provo Kristen and I have gone hiking. I am so glad that she is willing to go with me, because they are quickly becoming some of my favorite memories here in Provo. Yet we determined we are like an old married couple. We sure do love each other and are each others best friends. Yet sometimes we get on each others nerves and we just have to stop talking. Yet a few minutes later we are fine and can start talking about really random stuff and taking lots of pictures. I am also grateful for Kristen because she may not realized it, because I am an overly anxious person. When I go on a hike I don't know I always want to turn back early, because I don't know the terrain and am worried we are not going to end up anywhere. Well the hike in particular we went on yesterday I felt this way after about a mile, I know I am wimp. It's not even physical exhaustion, but all mental. Anyways it was a trail for horses and I just thought it said in this valley for miles on end, plus there were points where is was really steep. I of course expressed my opinion, but Kristen would just say lets go a little farther and see what is ahead. Every time we continue on it just got more beautiful. Yet I'd think well this is it, lets turn around. Then Kristen would say lets just keep going a little farther. Well luckily she was steady and reliable, because we made it to the top and could see out over the whole Utah Valley. It was super cool, and humbling to recognize what I would have missed by just turning around a half a mile before the end. I realized I am like that a lot in my life. I am willing to take a step, but after five steps I back down. I get anxious over all of the ''maybes'', and forget about the whole picture and what is at the very end. It was a good little life lesson, and plus I am hoping to have some ripped legs (especially since I can barely walk today, and I have another hike planned)!

Thanks Kristen, sure appreciate ya, even if you bug me sometimes!


  1. Where is this at Hanna? I totally want to go there!

  2. Kylie this was Squaw Peak, the usual trail is up Provo Canyon, but we went on a trail that branches off of Rock Canyon. I've never been on the one that starts in Provo Canyon, but I hear it's not that hard. But the one that starts in Rock Canyon we figured was about 7 miles, and has a lot of steep places, but overall not extremely difficult.