Saturday, June 23, 2012


One thing that I really have enjoyed doing this summer is going on picnics. Usually I just pack up a camelback with a blanket, book, journal, sandwich, granola bar, fruit, and a water bottle. I head out to the park and enjoy the afternoon relaxing and eating! Today I wanted to picnic, but I decided to have friends join me. So glad I did, it turned out to be such a treat for the day. 
My friends Mark and Carissa joined me. I even went all out with the food this time. We had peanut butter and honey sandwiches, granola bars (dipped chocolate chip ones, my favorite), fruit snacks, carrots, strawberries, lemonade, and cookies. Luckily I remembered to bring fruits and veggies, because my friend Mark is very selective about the treats that he eats. He has the most creative way of eating healthy I've ever heard of. For Marks rules click HERE! If you are to lazy to click, basically he can only eat treats that are in season, which means that they have to be holiday appropriate. So since it's 4th of July season he can only eat things that are red, white, and blue and specific to 4th of July. So for our picnic he wasn't able to eat the fruit snacks, granola bars, lemonade, or the cookies. But I had taken plenty of carrots and strawberries luckily!
It turned out to be so much fun, we just spent the time talking and laughing. We got covered in this orange and black bugs, with awesome red eyes. Sure glad to have such good friends to go picnic with! 

Oh also this last picture is my friends mimicking a hilarious youtube video we found. I'll post the link so you can all enjoy! Awesome Face Workout!

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  1. So...I was looking at my blog stats and how people found my blog. I followed the link to yours--I didn't know you had a blog! It was a fun picnic--thanks for inviting me.