Friday, October 26, 2012

Doing A Lot Of Nevers

Tonight I am up past midnight, 12:07 at the moment to be exact. I never stay of this late, well since I moved back to Rexburg I never stay up this late. I also am blogging which I never do as well. Don't ask me why I am actually blogging, but I am staying up this late, because I can sleep in tomorrow! Well life in Rexburg has been a huge adventure. It's been filled with lots of things to keep me busy busy. It even snowed this week, so that add a bit of excitement to everyone lives in Rexburg. I have been filling my days with school, work, school work, and someone special. It's certainly a contrast from how things were during the summer. It's taking some time to get use to and to adjust to everything. I'll admit I am not much of a fan of actually having to live a real life and not just play all the time. Yet I am trying to find joy in the journey and recognize the things that matter most.

I sure do love this video and the message is shares. I am trying to recognize the things that matter most in life. I get so caught up sometimes in all the stress I have to deal with I forget what is truly important. It's when I get so stressed I get so frustrated and down on myself. I guess today is as good as any to figure out what truly matters most in life. I guess I'll go do that.